Who we are

SGA Design lab is a multi-award winning international architecture design studio and research lab, headquartered at Delhi providing progressive Architectural, Planning, Engineering & Management services since 1967.

For over five decades, SGA design has delivered large scale sustainable projects encompassing education, healthcare, infrastructure, residential, commercial and recreational spaces. 

Demonstrating both extensive expertise and experience, our multi disciplinary and collaborative approach allows the creation of engaging, healthy and resilient spaces. Combining holistic well-being with function and amenity, our projects prioritise responding to core client requirements. Our methodology has evolved and refined itself over years, to provide our clients full service at international standards. Our designs coupled with BIM technology drive innovation to meet the accelerating rate of change in urban and environmental needs with high level of accuracy. Utilising our team of international consultants, we combine an analytical and knowledgeable approach with innovation, collaboration and technology to achieve our key success indicators of Client satisfaction, Cost Effectiveness, Efficiency and Enduring Performance.

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Architecture is a continuous process of learning Shilp through observation creativity, assimilation and the final combination of the resultant with technology.

Meet our team

Led by highly experienced professionals with experience across all verticals of designing.

Suresh Goel
Principal Architect

Suresh Goel is the founder and Principal architect of Suresh Goel and Associates. Mr. Goel has 50 years rich experience in the field of Urban Design, Architectural Design and Infrastructure Planning Projects.

Sandeep Goel
Principal Architect

Sandeep Goel is a Principal architect of Suresh Goel and Associates. Mr. Goel has extensive experience in the design and implementation of major projects, commission for several of which has been through National Competitions.

Ashok Kumar Pathak
Chief Architect

Ashok Pathak is a Chief Architect in Suresh Goel and Associates with 43 years of diverse experience in the fields of architecture, handling a variety of Institutional, High Rise Offices, Housing Complexes, Judiciary, Aviation and Health Care Projects in India and abroad.

Vikas Sarna
Senior Architect

Vikas Sarna is a senior architect having extensive experience in the field in both the public and private sectors. His role involves the management of numerous projects through all design phases.