Sustainable design achieved through a comprehensive design process

Study and Analysis of Site and Requirements
  • Topography, landscape and other existing physical features of the site and to harness them to take advantage.
  • Soil Investigation report
  • Climatic studies to take advantage of sun, wind and rain to make the buildings energy efficient.
  • Environmental impact studies and to design the campus to sent the environment.
Design Concept
  • To evolve an innovative and functional concept design addressing the functional, social, cultural and aesthetic requirements.
  • Preparation the Master Plan for the campus capable of developing in phases depending on the priorities of the institute.
  • Prepare a concept report highlighting the various features of the Master Plan and methodology for implementation.
Preliminary Design Stage
  • Interactions with the client to ascertain the suitability of the concept design with respect to facilities provided, functioning, phasing, programme and cost factor.
  • Modify the design, if required to incorporate the inputs of the client and put the approval of the client on the design and preliminary cost estimates.
Statutory Stage Approvals
  • Preparation of submission drawings ensuring compliance of codes, standards and legislation as applicable for processing and obtaining necessary client / statutory approvals and assist the client in obtaining the statutory approvals thereof, if required.
Working Drawings & Tender Stage
  • Prepare working drawings, specifications & schedule of quantities sufficient to prepare detailed estimate of cost and tender documents based on architectural & structural drawings as per latest CPWD schedule along with specifications and reference drawings for tender.