Indian Institute of Technology


Indian Institute of Technology




Director, IIT Kharagpur

Site Area

530 acres

Built Up Area

70,000 sqm


Under Construction

Having started in August 2015 in a temporary building at Chadalawada Nagar on the outskirts of the temple city. IIT Tirupati is in the process of developing the new campus at a 530 acre site in Tirupati. The temporary campus has a student population of a 300 students, the master plan of which has been developed by Suresh Goel & Associates, New Delhi. The first phase of the project designed for 2500 students which is the initial sanctioned strength of the campus. The master plan includes the second phase that will bring the students and provides scope for further expansion to 5000 students.

The 530 acre site has a difficult terrain and no more than 55% of the site is available for development in different pockets. The southern pocket has a large contiguous are suitable for the main campus. The central and northern pockets are smaller and undulating, so are better suited to small independent uses.

Several different layout possibilities, both dispersed and compact were examined before the present compact plan was arrived at. This plan places the main campus for more than 12500 students at site. The master plan defines land parcels for various uses in terms of size, shape and development potential. The phasing of development has been defined.