Indian Institute of Technology


Indian Institute of Technology




Director, IIT Kharagpur

Site Area

1200 acres

Built Up Area

41,313 sqm



The project has an undulating skyline from 3 to 5 storeys creating student spaces at different floor levels. Part of the ground levels has been developed as stilts for parking and services.

The Student Housing and Hostels at Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, harmoniously integrates within the campus. The wings are upto G+4, with part stilts in portions gradient was available, with framed structure and filler walls. Flyash bricks, water saving fixtures, solar lighting & heating have been incorporated. In each hostel wing, 3-seated rooms have been provided. The central courtyards have been scaled to  maximize breeze & ventilation, creating a lively atmosphere and the perfect setting, in view of the high humidity levels in the area. The wings are designed with central courtyards, with perforations facilitating both easterly & westerly breeze seasonally. Sloping parapets provide the local architectural character. The Student Housing and Hostels are considered very comfortable, well ventilated with natural light, besides, solar street lighting, rain water harvesting, solar heating, bicycle parking and physically disabled friendly facilities in ground floor.

The stepped skyline and terraces on upper levels along with smaller student spaces within corridors, enables interactive spaces are at various levels in the building, such that students don’t have to come to ground floor each time. The levels are connected with ramps to provide seamless movement for students and physically challenged. Lifts are provided for emergency. The project has been accepted and is being much appreciated by the campus community.